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“I suffered from joint pain on my right thumb due to injuries sustained when I was in high school 20 years ago. It really hurts especially when it’s rainy and cold during winter. When I tried on the LED belt for 1 hour, I didn’t really see or feel any difference. On the 2nd day, I brought it to Tokyo with me and used the belt for 1 hour again. This time, the pain went away! On the 3rd day, the pain was 99% gone. It works really well for both shoulder stiffness and prained neck. I used LED belt on my neck the next morning because I twisted it while sleeping and again, the pain went away after about 30 minutes and I felt much better. It usually takes me about 1 week to get over similar afflictions, so this is like a dream! Furthermore, although my wife had suffered from tendonitis (inflammation of the tendon) on both hands and could not even grip a pen to write, she is able to write after using LED belt for 1 week!”  

-Alex Sim, Male, late 30’s, Saga, Japan-


-Kam, Malaysia-

Used LED Belt on bruises for 10 minutes

Before and After using LED belt

                         Before                                                                After



"I have been suffering from arthritis in my right elbow for the past 3 weeks. Despite taking medication, I still feel the pain and using the computer mouse hurts. Three days ago, I received my 1st shipment of 2 units. Without delay, I used the belt on my hand and elbow, and by the second day, I am able to move my hands freely and the pain has diminished greatly.  

Two years ago, I underwent a CABG (coronary artery bypass graft) for a heart birth defect - the surgery was not that successful and I am now having constant angina. Two nights ago when I had the angina, I placed the LED belt over my heart and to my surprise, within minutes, the angina slowly diminished!"

-Stephan Tai, Malaysia- 



"My grandmother is 73 years old and used to suffer from persistent pain on my feet. With the LED belt, she could feel a significant improvement after just seven days! She doesn’t feel the pain anymore whenever she walk, and she feel more energetic as well. The varicose veins on her left leg was so severe that her skin appeared like it’s 70% covered with blue-black bruises, but after 7 days, it was totally gone!"

-Eva Chu, 73, Hong Kong- 



"I used to suffer excruciating and crippling menstrual pain, so much that I had to rely on painkillers constantly. Then I started using LED belt for 2 hours daily, and the pain disappeared! I am now able to go through my monthlies without painkillers! Initially I was hesitant to purchase the LED belt, but now, I understand that it really worked, and it’s with solid scientific backing too."

-Ms Cho Seol Ki, 17, South Korea-



"I have suffered from the herniated lumbar disc (slipped disc) on the left side of my waist for a long time. It seems that the nerves on my left thigh was also impacted because the disc were pressed against it, thus, I could neither sit nor walk for long. I used the LED belt for an hour or more for about 20 days and it is so unbelievably effective - I do not feel any pain like I used to, even though I was walking a lot more now. I am so happy! My right arm also used to hurt whenever I raise it, thus, I could not reach over to scratch my back whenever it itches and I had no choice but to depend upon my husband and children to help me with it. I have not had such pain since I started using the LED belt - I can now raise and lower my arm effortlessly and scratch my own back whenever I need to. The effects of this LED belt are really great - If possible, I would definitely like to purchase one for each member of my family!"

-Choi Kyung Duck, 49, Korea-



"After using the LED belt for 3 days, I lost 8cm from my waistline. It has also eased my constipation problem. As a result, I feel more energized. I’ve also tried it on my swollen feet and to my surprise, they got better in no time at all. "

-Ms. Anita Lucia, Indonesia-



"Due to my hectic schedule, I used to suffer from stiff neck and shoulders, especially in the evening after work. Now, whenever that happens, I'd use the LED belt over my neck and shoulders, and I could feel a soothing relief. The LED belt also helps me to alleviate the stiffness whenever I wake up with a kink in my neck. Once, I used the LED belt on my head when I had a pretty serious migraine attack. It helped alleviate the pain and I don’t experience the weird postdrome feeling the day after. "

-MT Yeoh, Malaysia- 



"I used to suffer from chronic constipation and could only empty my bowels every few days. When I first used the LED belt over my tummy, the excrement was loose, and was smelly and darker in color than usual. After a few days, it cleared up and I could empty my bowels daily. No more constipation! The bulge on my tummy has reduced and my tummy appears flatter. Friends have even commented that my complexion has improved too. "

-CM Sew, Malaysia- 





"Sprained ankle much relieved in 2 days. Swelling & bruising (blue-black swollen mark) on knee faded off after 1 week!"

-- Ms. Jo Loi, 32, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"My mom's persistent feet pain & my dad's chronic severe backache eased after a few treatments."

-- Mdm. Suraya, 36, KL, Malaysia.



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